Wastewater Treatment Supplies

Filtering Materials

In Salper Technology we have a wide variety of adsorbent materials and specialized filter media to solve water problems. Applied from elimination of different contaminants present in water such as hardness, odor, color, taste, sediment retention, among others. They are available:

Resin: Resin anion interchange, it uses for water softens whose function is to selectively eliminate dissolved salts

Granulates salt for regeneration: The purpose of this salt is to guarantee the correct functioning of the softeners for the regeneration of resins.

Granulated Activated Carbon: Activated carbon used to remove impurities such as organic matter and contaminants that cause odors, through an absorption process.

Silica Gravel: Used as a support for filter media, the part that is concave in the tanks doesn’t interfere with filtration and here it can be filled with silica gravel. We have different sizes, such as fine, medium and thick. According to the functions to be employed

Zeolite: Granular material with an extremely high surface area, it produces the filtration of solids at an exceptional level, trapping solid particles between the grains, in addition to performing softening functions and eliminating chlorine and iron present in the water.

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