Our services are not only focused on a specific process, we offer solutions under a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment.

Industrial plants generate wastewater; therefore, they must ensure that their activity doesn’t generate a negative impact to the environment, being essential to carry out the treatment of those wastewater and that they adapt to the permissible limits of effluents for each industrial sector.

In SALPER TECHNOLOGY cares about the water, the environment and the health of our people, we employ word-class engineering and technology available, with a wide variety of techniques and procedures that allow us to offer the best solutions according to the requirements of each customer, in addition, to make available state-of-the-art systems and equipment. We have complete services in:

Planning and design of water treatment plants

We perform technical planning of projects around the world supporting industrial growth, our experience allows us to provide…

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Construction and installation of industrial plants

We are experts in building infrastructures that guarantee their functionality. Do it right and do it the first time with selected technology and appropriate

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Start Up

It is the stage where we mark the success of our work. In this phase, thanks to the commitment and effort of our team of experts, what was planned becomes reality.

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After Sales Services

On-site and off-site services. The inconveniences that treatment plants go through as a result of neglect, not carrying out a proper maintenance plan or not finding the required spare parts in a timely manner have an impact on stoppages and added costs

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Treatment Train

We provide solutions that contemplate from planning, design, construction, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance and staff training ..

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Equipament and Supplies

To guarantee optimal treated water, applying technology according to its process without generating environmental impact.

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Industrial Wastewater

This type of water can contain from simple common polluting residues to toxic polluting agents.

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Municipal Wastewater

With more than a decade of experience in municipal water treatment plants, government entities and communities

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Treatment of industrial and municipal sludge

They are considered as hazardous waste, and it is essential to carry out a correct, safe and sustainable treatment for their final disposal.

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The objective of purification is to offer the guarantee that the water resource can be consumed by human beings with peace of mind.

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