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We provide solutions that contemplate from planning, design, construction, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance and staff training for proper treatment of their generated water and that they are worked for discharge or reuse within the permissible parameters of effluent discharge, although each industry and company presents a special challenge with respect to another, a proper treatment train can be differentiated in the following stages:

Pre-treatment stage

The objective of the pre-treatment, in addition to regulating the flow, must also retain the largest amount of large floating solids, such as grease, sand, among others. Eliminate these undesirable agents by means of filters, manual, semi-automatic and automatic roughing equipment.

Depending on the case, pre-aeration equipment may be used to eliminate volatile foul-smelling compounds and increase the oxygen content in the water, thus reducing the production of unpleasant odors.

Primary stage

The purpose of the stage is to remove suspended solids, the processes vary either by simple sedimentation with desanders or clarifiers; or in case induced using decanters and chemical coagulants and flocculants.

Depending on the case, the removal of solids requires screening machines to avoid clogging pipes.

Secondary stage

Biological stage, where the microorganisms in the wastewater, reactor and decanter are activated. The aerobic, anaerobic and physicochemical biological processes have the objective of degrading the residual organic matter for its subsequent discharge into natural watercourses, or in case of reuse of the water resource as an alternative, maintaining harmony with the environment.

It is common to use a sieve, aeration filters, carbon bed, membranes, among others.

Tertiary stage

This is the final stage, in which a combination of technologies is used to treat the water according to the final quality required in compliance with the standard requirements for its discharge to the environment or intended uses.

From sedimentation in lagoons, advanced oxidation, application of filtration membranes, disinfection by chlorination, ozonation and UV light.


Our services are not only based on a specific process, but on a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment.


To guarantee optimal treated water, applying technology according to its process without generating environmental impact.

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