The objective of purification is to offer the guarantee that the water resource can be consumed by human beings with peace of mind.

 It is a vital resource that must be invested in public institutions and private companies, ensuring their access to the liquid element of subsistence.

The treaty train generally consists of the stages of:

Water pre-treatment: Performing a screening where large solids are removed, generally accompanied by disinfection to destroy some organic substances.

Coagulation-Flocculation: Depending on the case, a pH adjustment is made by adding coagulation and flocculating agents.

Decantation: With the support of a decanter, the suspended particles are separated by gravity.

Filtration: the water continues its passage through filters that remove less dense sediments.

Disinfection: Finally, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide or chlorine gas are dosed, in the case of ozonation process or UV light to eliminate any type of bacteria or virus present.

Analysis: Drinking water must be colorless, odorless and tasteless and comply with the regulations in force in each country. By virtue, we apply various analyses to guarantee the results of our work.

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Our work ranges from small, medium and large treatment plants according to the capacity requirements and processes of each client.

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