Construction and installation of industrial plants

We are experts in building infrastructures that guarantee their functionality. Do it right and do it the first time with selected technology and appropriate materials that guarantee the life cycle of the project. We perform the mechanical and electrical assembly of the required equipment, In addition to its installation with the corresponding accessories.

Our objective is to provide civil works and industrial equipment for a functional water treatment plant, which complies with the permissible limits of effluent discharge, complying with the objectives, being completed in the established times by developing a work schedule.

Integrated Service

  • High Technology
  • Quality Materials
  • Originals Accessories
  • Operatibility
  • Confidence
  • Maximum Utilization
  • Warranty of More Than Two Years on Equipment
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  • Treatment of Industrial and Municipal wastewater
  • Drinking water Treatment
  • Industrial Sludge Treatment
  • Environmental management consulting
  • Supervision
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Supplies

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